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Hrushevsky food

Hrushevsky Cinema Jazz (Ресторан Імпровізацій “Грушевський Сінема Джаз”)

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At Lviv’s Hrushevky Cinema Jazz Restaurant you can enjoy Continental European and Ukrainian cuisine as well as weekly movie screenings and live music in a fashionable setting. Hrushevsky is located in the same building that once housed “Korso”, Lviv’s first cinema that opened in 1912.

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Spizharka - cheesecake

Spizharka (Спіжарка): Jams and Pickles

Cafes, Sweet Shop

Lviv’s Spizharka is not only cafe and sweet shop, but also “a real flat of a real Galician housewife”, where you can taste homemade sweets, ice cream and pastries as well as homemade marmalade (jams) and pickles. A cozy quiet spot good for coffee and dessert, breakfast or light snacks.

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L'UFT - food

L’UFT Pub (Паб “Люфт”): Breath of Fresh Air

Bars and Lounges, Pubs and Clubs, Pubs and Restaurants

L’UFT Pub sits right in Lviv’s center and features democratic prices and comfy couches. It’s a good place to hang out with your friends or catch some live music. The pub offers a mix of Ukrainian and Continental European cuisine and a wide range of drinks.

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Galician Cheesecake - cheesecake

Galician Cheesecake (Перша Міська Пекарня Сирників і Штруделів “Львівські Пляцки”)

Cafes, Sweet Shop

Galician Cheesecake celebrates Lviv’s tradition of delicious cheesecakes and strudels. This tourist-themed cafe has large windows that let passersby on Rynok Square watch its bakery in action. You can choose from 2 types of cheesecakes ( “dry” or “wet”), and 4 types of strudels: apple, cherry, salmon with spinach, and chicken with bell pepper.

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Green Hills Park Cafe terrace

Green Hills Park Café (Парк-кафе “Зелені пагорби”): Elegant and Romantic

Cafes, Restaurants

Green Hills Park Café is located at Lviv’s Lion’s Castle Hotel. It has a cozy, elegantly furnished dining room for 30 persons and a pleasant summer terrace. The menu features Ukrainian and Continental European cuisine. A good spot for a quiet meal for couples, business travelers and close friends.

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Medivnya summer terrace

Medivnya (Медівня): Drink Like a Cossack


Medivnya is a honey-themed café and bar with one of Lviv’s best selections of medovukha (Ukrainian honey-vodka). Just be careful–this sweet drink goes down smoothly and you can get drunk quickly if you don’t pace yourself. So enjoy some classic Ukrainian dishes with your drinks and prolong the fun.

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Rodzynka dining area

Rodzynka (Родзинка): Cheap Eats for Train Travelers


Rodzynka is a charming tiny cafe with cheap fare and friendly service that’s especially convenient if you are arriving to Lviv by train; it’s one of the few places to eat near Lviv’s Central Railway Station. The cafe offers mostly Ukrainian classics like varenyky (dumplings), borsch (a vegetable soup) and solyanka (a thick soup of vegetables and meat).

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Panorama Bar at Dnister Hotel

Panorama Bar at Dnister hotel (Бар Панорама у готелі Дністер)

Cafes, Hotel Bars

Panorama Bar is a quiet place where you can enjoy a stunning view of Lviv’s Old Town and High Castle with a cup of coffee. The cafe is located on the top floor of the Dnister Hotel above Ivan Franko Park and near Lviv’s National University. Panorama Bar is mainly a place for coffee, desserts and light snacks.

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Taron specialty

Taron (Ресторан “Тарон”): Legends of the Caucasus


According to legend, “Taron” was a paradise that stretched across parts of ancient Persia, Turkey and Armenia. In Lviv Taron is a refined restaurant on the edge of town that serves legendary Caucasian cuisine. For specialties, try the lamb knuckle stuffed with grilled eggplants and suluguni cheese. Other fine options include the shish-kebab, liulia-kebab, and traditional Uzbek pilaf.

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Kredens Cafe on Prospect Svobody counter

Kredens Cafe (Креденс Кафе): Starbucks-Style Coffee on Prospect Svobody


Kredens is a chain of Western-style coffee houses that offers coffee to go and light snacks. The coffee house is located across the street from the Lviv Opera House. All the standard espresso drinks are available as well as desserts and light sandwiches.

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