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Rynok Square (Market Square) (Площа Ринок): Lviv’s Top Tourist Attraction

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Rynok Square, also known as Market Square (rynok means “market” in Ukrainian), is Lviv’s top tourist attraction. It’s also the center of Lviv’s social, economic and cultural life. Lining the square you’ll find 45 buildings in diverse architectural styles that are all listed by UNESCO as World Heritage sites. For centuries, the square served as the Lviv’s main market. Today it’s a hub of activity buzzing with tourists and locals alike and often the stage for festivals and major events.

Rynok Square is a great starting point for any tour of Lviv, with its numerous tourist sights, including the Ratusha (City Hall) and the Lviv Historical Museum. And there’s a whole lot more to learn more about Rynok Square’s history and architecture.

You’ll also find plenty of options for dining, entertainment and souvenir shopping right on Rynok Square.


Rynok Square is located in the city center close to all of Lviv’s downtown tourist sights.  It’s just minutes walk from the Opera House on Prospect Svobody.


Rynok Square (Market Square) (Площа Ринок)
Website: none
Visiting Hours: 24-7
Location: Center
Visitor Info: DIY – Do it Yourself
Time to Visit: 1 to 2 hours
Address: Lviv, Ukraine, 79000
Tel.: none