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Hrushevsky food

Hrushevsky Cinema Jazz (Ресторан Імпровізацій “Грушевський Сінема Джаз”)

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At Lviv’s Hrushevky Cinema Jazz Restaurant you can enjoy Continental European and Ukrainian cuisine as well as weekly movie screenings and live music in a fashionable setting. Hrushevsky is located in the same building that once housed “Korso”, Lviv’s first cinema that opened in 1912.

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L'UFT - food

L’UFT Pub (Паб “Люфт”): Breath of Fresh Air

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L’UFT Pub sits right in Lviv’s center and features democratic prices and comfy couches. It’s a good place to hang out with your friends or catch some live music. The pub offers a mix of Ukrainian and Continental European cuisine and a wide range of drinks.

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Ibiza Cocktail Bar party

Ibiza Cocktail Club (Коктейль-Клуб “Ібіца”): Beach Party

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Ibiza Cocktail Club is a large beach-themed lounge and disco that features live music, male and female strip shows, and pre-parties on Fridays-Saturdays on the summer terrace. The club is just outside Lviv’s center on Chornovola Avenue, a 5-minute taxi-ride from downtown across the ring road from McDonald’s.

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Moloko Club area near cocktail bar

Moloko Club (Клуб “Молоко”): White & Black

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Moloko (Milk) Club is a downtown Lviv nightclub and restaurant; a hangout for a young and glamorous crowd. The midsize club features a cocktail bar and dance area and an upstairs lounge zone. The 24-hour kitchen serves Continental European and Ukrainian cuisine. Moloko occupies the same space where Gallery Club used to be located.

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Propaganda Manhattan cocktail

Propaganda (Пропаганда): Sophisticated Chill Out

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Propaganda is more a lounge bar-restaurant than a disco, a place where you’ll find premium cocktails and a 24-7 kitchen that serves American and Continental cuisine. For a more sophisticated crowd to chill out and enjoy drinks with friends at the long bar. A 10-12 minute walk from Lviv’s center.

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Cosmopolitan bar

Cosmopolitan (Космополітен): Cocktails and Violet Sofas

Bars and Lounges

Cosmopolitan is a cozy cocktail bar in Lviv’s city center, a good spot if you’re looking for a low-key place to enjoy drinks with friends. The cocktail lounge features more than 150 cocktails from the standard to the exotic, all available at very reasonable prices. Cosmopolitan has three zones on two floors including chill-out and lounge zones each accommodating about 15 people and a non-smoking room on the first floor.

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kKaraoke Club 888 dining area

Karaoke Club 888 (Караоке-клуб “888”): Sing till Dawn

Bars and Lounges, Pubs and Clubs

Karaoke Club 888 is Lviv’s only dedicated 24-hour karaoke club. The club attracts amateur singers of all ages – from young show-offs to middle-aged folks entertaining themselves and their “over-served” friends by singing loudly and off-key. The club’s massive halls and long tables make it a great spot for large gatherings.

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Vulyk facade

Vulyk (Вулик): Feel the Sting of Medovukha


Vulyk is a small honey-themed restaurant that offers local Ukrainian cuisine and the chance to try some of best medovukha (honey-flavored vodka) in Lviv. It’s especially popular with locals. Vulyk is conveniently located in the center, steps from the Mykhailo Hrushevskyi Monument and not far from popular sweet shop Veronika.

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Enoteca (Винотека): Upscale Wine Bar

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Enoteca is an upscale wine bar at the Vintage Boutique Hotel. Enjoy the extensive wine selection with fine cheeses and other hors d’oeuvres. In the evening there’s a sommelier on hand to help you select your wine and pair it with cheese and fruit.

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Nobilis Hotel Piano Bar

Nobilis Hotel Piano Bar (Піано бар “Нобіліс”): Quiet Spot for Drinks

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The Nobilis Hotel Piano Bar can be a good quiet spot to grab drinks with friends. You can enjoy light dishes and cocktails while listening to live piano music that often begins at 7 p.m. The top floor hotel bar is located in Lviv’s center near central avenue Prospect Svobody and Rynok Square.

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