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The Most Expensive Galician Restaurant (Найдорожча ресторація Галичини): Masonic Theater

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This well-hidden Freemason-themed restaurant has the highest menu prices in Lviv—unless you know a certain secret.


The Most Expensive Galician Restaurant overlooks Lviv’s top tourist spot Rynok Square. Finding the restaurant can be tricky because there’s no sign outside, except a small piece of blue cloth with yellow Masonic symbol. Enter the street entrance for Kryjivka, go one up the stairs (you’ll see another triangle sign next to the staircase) and ring the doorbell. Don’t be surprised when a man dressed in a bathrobe lets you in – you must pass through his homey kitchen to enter the restaurant.


The restaurant is playfully adorned with masonic symbols, like the all-seeing eye, the main symbol of Freemasonry and portraits of the order members stare down at you from the walls. The three dimly-lit large dining rooms can easily accommodate large parties. Evening diners can enjoy live music each night after 8 p.m.


The restaurant specializes in rich Continental European cuisine. Start with a hearty pumpkin soup or white mushroom soup. Then try the stewed rabbit with prunes or baked duck under the orange sauce would be good choices for a dinner. There’s is a separate grill menu with all kinds of grilled pork, veal and poultry. Featured desserts include “Goxua” (also known as the “lover’s orgasm”) and a tasty banana flambé.

Keep in mind

  • The menu prices are crazy: up to 3,000 UAH (about 300 EURO) for a dinner entree or a bottle of wine. To save yourself a heart attack, pick up a one-time 90% discount card at Kryjivka downstairs. Or you can try your hand at bargaining to get the same discount.
  • Reservations are strongly recommended for large groups.
  • Live music is available every evening from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m.
  • Credit Cards are accepted, but they don’t take American Express.


The Most Expensive Galician Restaurant (Найдорожча ресторація Галичини)
Website: none
Price range: €€€ (15 – 20 Euro) (Credit cards accepted)
Cuisine: European
Good for: Tourists, Business Travelers, Large groups
Location: Center
Address: 14 Rynok Sq., 2nd floor, Lviv, Ukraine, 79000
Tel.: +38 (050) 430 8783
Hours: 11 a.m. – 2 a.m.