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XIX International Contemporary Music Festival “The Contrasts” – 2013

in Lviv, Lwow, Lvov, Lemberg


7:00 pm. Sep 26 - 8:30 pm. Oct 18, 2013


From Thursday, September 26th till Friday, October 18th, Lviv will host the ХІX International Contemporary Music Festival “The Contrasts”. The month-long Contrasts Festival celebrates contemporary Ukrainian music and its place in the global music scene. This year’s event will feature the performances by “ConstantY” Ensemble of New Music, K&K Philharmoniker, Maria and Roman Perucki and many others.

The Contrasts Festival was established in 1995 to represent a variety of musical forms, styles, genres and interpretations emphasizing the often contrasting character of new music.


The ХIX International Contemporary Music Festival “Contrasts” will take place at the Lviv Philharmonic in the city center.  The other locations include:

  • The Organ and Chamber Music Hall
  • St. Lazar’s Cathedral (27, Kopernyka St.)
  • Concert Hall of Mykola Lysenko Lviv State Music Academy (5, О. Nyzhankivsky St.)
  • First Ukrainian Theater for Children and Youth (11, Hnatyuka St.)

Tickets & More Info

Price: 40 to 120 UAH (about 4 to 12 Euro)
Tickets: Lviv Philharmonic box-office
Fan Page(s):
Tel.: +38 (032) 235 8136


Thursday, September 26th
The Lviv Philharmonic 

7:00 pm – From Classics till Modernity (Part 1)

Featured artists:

  • Lynn Kuo, violin
  • Erika Crino, piano
  • Academic Chamber Orchestra “Lviv Virtuosi”
  • Iryna Vakulina, conductor
  • Johann Sebastian Bach. Concerto d-moll for piano and strings
  • Joseph Haydn. Concerto C-Dur for violin and strings
  • John Weinzweig. Divertimento № 10 for piano and strings
  • Michael Pepa. Trema for piano, percussion and strings
  • Musical Offering for violin and strings
  • Yuri Laniuk. Song Without Words for strings

Friday, September 27th
The Lviv Philharmonic 

7:00 pm – Come back, my beautiful dreams: To the 150th anniversary of Ostap Nyzhankivsky and the 120th anniversary of Nestor Nyzhankivsky

Featured artists:

  • Liliya Kostruba, soprano
  • Oksana Savitska, soprano
  • Yevhen Kruk, violin
  • Taras Mentsinsky, cello
  • Myroslav Dragan, piano
  • Roman Bil’, recitation of poetry by Bohdan Nyzhankivsky
  • Oleksandra Bonkovska, presenter
  • Ostap Nyzhankivsky. Kolomyiky
  • Nestor Nyzhankivsky. Small Suite Letters to her

Saturday, September 28th
The Lviv Philharmonic 

6:00 pm – Evening of Spanish Music

Featured artists:

  • Nazariy Pylatiuk, violin
  • Juan Antonio Simarro, piano
  • Lviv Chamber Orchestra “Academia”
  • Vicente Ariño, conductor
  • Juan Antonio Simarro. Sueño № 2, Sueño № 3 for piano
  • Adagio for piano, violin and string orchestra
  • String quartet № 1 (adapted for orchestra)
  • Pedro Vilarroig. Invention for strings Golden leaves
  • Sonata for strings
  • Joaquín Turina. La Oración del Torero
  • Isaak Albéniz. Cycle pieces for string orchestra España:
  • Asturias, from Suite española
  • Cadiz, from Suite española
  • Cordoba, from Chants d’Espagne, op. 232 № 4
  • Mallorca, op. 202
  • Sevilla, from Suite española

Sunday, September 29th
The Lviv Philharmonic
6:00 pm – Сontrasting Premieres

Featured artists:

  • Mirosław Herbowski, piano
  • Roman Yusypey, accordion
  • Dieter Kraus, saxophone
  • Mohamed Abdallah Fouda, kwela
  • Academic Symphony Orchestra “INSO-Lviv”
  • Stanislaw Welanyk, conductor


  • Valentyn Bibik. Symphony№ 7
  • Viktor Kaminsky. Berliner Concerto Grosso for saxophone, accordion and chamber orchestra
  • Vykintas Baltakas. Saxordionphonics for saxophone, accordion and orchestra
  • Mohamed Saad Basha Reyad. Saxwala for saxophone and orchestra
  • George Antheil. Jazz Symphony

Tuesday, October 1st
Concert Hall of Mykola Lysenko Lviv State Music Academy (5, О. Nyzhankivsky St.)
7:00 pm – “ConstantY” Ensemble at The Сontrasts

Featured artists:

  • “ConstantY” Ensemble of New Music 


  • Zbigniew Bujarski. Quartet for a HouseWarming (Kwartet na otwarciedomu)
  • Leonid Hrabovsky. The Omen of Light based on poems by V. Barka for soprano and ensemble
  • Ostap Manulyak. Three Songs for soprano, flute, clarinet, cello, piano and electronics
  • Tomasz Skweres. Axon for flute and clarinet
  • Alexander Shchetynsky. Farewell (dedicated to the memory of V. Bibik) for clarinet, cello and piano
  • Maciej Jabłoński. Lebenszeichen for violin solo
  • Maksym Kolomiiets. Empty pedestals for flute, clarinet, cello and piano
  • Alexey Shmurak. Grey Concerto for flute, clarinet, violin, cello and piano

St. Lazar’s Cathedral (27, Kopernyka St.)

9:00 pm – Ars Moriendi

Featured artists:

  • Natalka Polovynka, vocal
  • Victoria Poleva, piano
  • Victoria Poleva. Ars Moriendi, the book of songs (mono-opera for voice, piano, ting-sha and phonogram)
Wednesday, October 2nd
St. Lazar’s Cathedral (27, Kopernyka St.)
7:00 pm – L’opera per flauto
Featured artists:
  • Hans Balmer, flute
  • Salvatore Sciarrino. “L’opera per flauto” Band 1
  • All’aure in una lontananza
  • Hermes
  • Come vengono prodotti gli incantesimi?
  • Canzona di ringraziamento
  • Venere che le grazie la fioriscono
  • L’orizzonte luminoso di Aton
  • Fra i testi dedicati alle nubi
Thursday, October 3rd
The Lviv Philharmonic 
6:00 pm – From Classics till Modernity (Part 2)
Featured artists:
  • Oleksandra Fedosova, violin
  • Academic Youth Symphony Orchestra “INSO-Lviv”
  • Georg Mais, conductor
  • Johann Sebastian Bach. Concerto for Violin and Orchestra a moll
  • Franz Schubert. Rondo A dur for violin and strings
  • Benjamin Britten. Simple Symphony for string orchestra
  • Krzysztof Penderecki. Three Pieces in Old Style
8:00 pm –  “Last Snow” Audio CD presentation
Featured artists:
  • Arkady Shilkloper, horn
  • Vadim Neselovskyi, piano
8:00 pm – Something New for Lviv!
Featured artists:
  • Rupert Bergmann, bass-baritone
  • Yevhen Pihulyak, violin
  • Oleksandr Perepelytsia, piano
  • Hugo Wolf
  • Michelangelo Lieder, words by М. Buonarroti
  • arrangement for voice, violin and piano by Yu. Everhartz
  • Wohl denk ich oft, Alles endet, was ensteht
  • Fühlt meine Seele
  • Asmati Tchibalashvili. Die Nachtliche Heerschau
  • words by Joseph Christian von Zedlitz, for voice, violin and piano
  • Rupert Gottfried Frieberger 
  • Drei Lieder, words by N. Gorbanevskaya
  • Meine Hände sind verkrampft
  • Keine Elegien, keine Oden
  • Nenne mich nicht jemanden und nicht etwas
  • Julia Gomelskaya 
  • Song cycle Backflashes of a Tired Popstar
  • for bass-baritone, violin and piano, words by K. M. Kinsky
  • Take a deep breath, It’s a million faces
  • Ich dreh mich weg von Dir, Miracles in Places
  • Egon Wellesz
  • Lieder aus Wien op. 82, words by H. C. Artmann
  • Gib mir deine Hand, Hast Du sie nicht gehört
  • In einem späten Herbst, Frag mich nicht, Etwas ungutes
  • Mykhaylo Shved
  • Song cycle Herbst, words by R. M. Rilke
  • Herbst, Herbsttag, Abend
  • Karmella Tsepkolenko
  • Drei Stücke, words by R. Brambach
  • New version for baritone, violin and piano
  • Wiegt sich mein Herz, Fragment, Die Uhr
  • Dmitri Shostakovich
  • Two Fables of Krylov op.4
  • The Dragonfly and the Ant
  • The Donkey and the Nightingale
Friday, October 4th
The Lviv Philharmonic 
7:00 pm – K&K Philharmoniker at The Contrasts
Featured artists:
  • K&K Philharmoniker symphonic orchestra
  • Matthias Georg Kendlinger, conductor


  • Matthias Georg Kendlinger. Der verlorene Sohn,symphonic poem ор. 2
  • Heilung, meditative poem for string orchestra ор. 6
  • Richard Wagner. Overture Tannhäuser
  • Pyotr Tchaikovsky. Symphony № 5
Sunday, October 6th 
The Lviv Philharmonic
6:00 pm – Czech Premieres in Lviv
Featured artists:
  • Academic Chamber Orchestra “Lviv Virtuosi”
  • Ondřej Vrabec, conductor
  • Martin Hybler. Vspomínání, HommagetoZ.Fibich
  • Frintišek Xaver Thuri. Divertimento
  • Aleš Pavlorek. Divertimento
  • Viktor Ullmann. String Quartet № 3
  • Gideon Klein. Partita
  • Pavel Haas. Study for string orchestra
Tuesday, October 8th
The Lviv Philharmonic
6:00 pm – Piano Recital of Paweł Albiński
  • Sigismond Stojowski Romance: Sostenuto e con molto espressione op. 10 № 1
  • Sergei Bortkiewicz
  • The Butterfly op. 30 № 9
  • Etude Des dur op. 15 № 8
  • Etude A-dur“Fontaine lumineuse” op. 10 № 3
  • Edward MacDowell
  • Etude Fisdur op. 36
  • Etude Fdur op. 46 № 4
  • Felix Blumenfeld. Etude As dur op. 36
  • Nikolai Medtner
  • Danza graziosa op. 38 № 2
  • Canzonaserenata f moll op. 38 № 6
  • Heino Eller. Prelude b moll № 3
  • Lūcija Garūta. Prelude h moll № 1
  • Gabriel Fauré. Prelude A dur op. 103 № 7
  • York Bowen. Prelude Es dur op. 102 № 7
  • FerencVecsey/György Cziffra. La valse triste
  • Heitor Villa-Lobos. Valsa da dor
  • Ernesto Lecuona. Ante el escorial
  • Ernesto Lecuona. Malagueña from the Spanish Suite Andalucia
  • Earl Wild/George Gershwin
  • Etude The man I love№ 3
  • Etude Embraceable You № 4
  • William Bolcom. Graceful ghost rag
  • Paweł Albiński. Piano fantazm C-dur№ 1

Wednesday, October 9th 

The Lviv Philharmonic

7:00 pm – Frolyak-Havrylets': Sisters at The Contrasts

Featured artists:

  • Nina Matviyenko, vocal
  • Volodymyr Duda, violin
  • Dmytro Havrylets’, viola
  • Yaroslav Myhal, cello
  • “Phoenix” String Quartet
  • Academic Chamber Orchestra “Lviv Virtuosi”
  • Olexandr Dragan, conductor


  • Hanna Havrylets’. А – Corda, sinfonietta for viola and strings
  • Diptych for string orchestra
  • Five Ukrainian Folk Songs for voice and chamber orchestra
  • Bohdana Frolyak. Suite in C for cello and strings
  • Vestigia for violin, viola and strings
  • Lux aeterna for string quartet and strings

Thursday, October 10th

The Lviv Philharmonic 

6:00 pm – In Memoriam to Vsevolod Zaderatsky

Featured artists:

  • Oksana Kachkovska, piano
  • Jozsef Ormeny, piano
  • Lviv Chamber Orchestra «Academy»
  • Yuriy Bervetskyy, conductor

Vsevolod Zaderatsky

  • Sonata №1 for piano
  • 11 preludes from cycle 24 preludes for piano
  • Three preludes and fugues for piano: C dur, a moll, d moll
  • Sinfonietta for 9 wind instruments
  • Children’s Concert № 1 for piano with orchestra
The Organ and Chamber Music Hall
8:00 pm – Maria and Roman Perucki at The Contrasts
Featured artists:
  • Maria Perucka, violin
  • Roman Perucki, organ
  • Johann Sebastian Bach. Prelude and fugue e moll BWV 548
  • Joseph Rheinberger. Six Pieces for violin and organ ор. 150 (two parts):
  • Abendlied, Ouverture
  • Friedrich Wilhelm Markull. Sonata ор. 56
  • Zoltán Gárdonyi. Fantasy for violin and organ
  • Juliusz Łuciuk. Preludia Maryjne
  • Marian Sawa. Fugue Bolero
  • Tadeusz Paciorkiewicz. Andante
  • Zbigniew Kruczek. Bolerо
Friday, October 11th
The Lviv Philharmonic
7:00 pm – Jubillee of Witold Lutosławski
Featured artists:
  • Jakub Jakowicz, violin
  • Academic Symphony Orchestra of The Lviv Philharmonic
  • Antoni Wit, conductor
  • Witold Lutosławski. Mi-Parti for orchestra
  • Lancuch ІІ, dialogue for violin and orchestra
  • Concerto for orchestra
Saturday, October 12th
St. Lazar’s Cathedral (27, Kopernyka St.)
7:00 pm – Guitar Premieres at The Contrasts
Featured artists:
  • Ferenc Bernáth, guitar
  • Anatoliy Shevchenko. Carpathian Rhapsody “Wind from Mountain Valley”
  • János Gáspár Mertz. Hungarian Fatherland’s Flowers
  • José María Gallardo del Rey. California Suite
  • Leo Brouwer. Sonata
  • Manuel de Falla. Danzadel Molinero
  • Joaquín Turina. Fandaguillo
  • Isaak Albeniz. Asturias
  • Dezyderiy Zador. Improvisationand Fanfares
  • (transcr. for guitar by F. Bernáth)
  • Ferenc Bernáth. Ukrainian Ballad
  • Hungarian Fantasy
Sunday, October 13th
The Lviv Philharmonic
6:00 pm – Azerbaijan Premieres at The Contrasts
Featured artists:
  • Farhad Shamsi oglu Badalbeyli, piano
  • Academic Youth Symphony Orchestra “INSO-Lviv”
  • Fakhraddin Kerimov, conductor
  • Soltan Hajibeyov. Caravan Symphonic Poem
  • Fikret Amirov – Elmira Nazirova. Concerto for piano with orchestra
  • Franghiz Ali-Zadeh. Fairy Tales Symphonic Poem
  • Gara Garayev. Don Quixote Symphonicsketches
  • Fikret Amirov. Azerbaijanian Capriccio for symphony orchestra
Monday, October 14th
The Lviv Philharmonic
7:00 pm – Author’s Evening of Volodymyr Zubytsky
Featured artists:
  • Galician Academic Chamber Choir
  • Mariana Ferendovych, conductor-choir master
  • Vasyl Dolishniy, conductor-choir master
  • Vasyl Yatsynyak, artistic director, conductor
  • Instrumental concert for mixed choir, percussions and piano
  • My Mountains Choir concerto (I, II, IV, VI, VIII parts)
  • Heavenly King by canonic texts for mixed choir a cappella
  • I love the Lord, Psalm 114-116 for mixed choir a cappella
  • Christ is Risen for baritone and mixed choir a cappella
  • Prayer for bass and women’s choir a cappella
  • Perepyolochka arrangement of Belorussia folk song for choir a cappella
  • Orovela for men’s choir a cappella
Tuesday, October 15th
First Ukrainian Theatre for Children and Youth (11, Hnatyuka St.)
6:00 pm – Musical Theatre by Oleksandr Kozarenko
Featured artists:
  • Tetyana Kravchuk, Lidiya Danylchuk, Maria Pavlyk, Nazar Pavlyk, actors
  • Carmens Ballet
  • Roksolana Mokriy, Volodymyr Panteleymonov, soloists
  • Oleksandr Plakhotnyuk, Volodymyr Panteleymonov, choreography
  • Dariya Zav’yalova, painter
  • Iryna Volytska, director
  • Nazar Yatskiv, conductor
  • Oleksandr Kozarenko. Oresteya for actors, brass and percussions instruments
  • Sinfonia Stravaganza for ballet and orchestra

 Friday, October 18th

The Lviv Philharmonic
7:00 pm – “The Contrasts -2013″ Closing Concert
Featured artists:
  • Jozsef Ormeny, piano
  • Academic Symphony Orchestra of The Lviv Philharmonic
  • Brian Schembri, conductor
  • Karl Fiorini. Fugit irreparabile tempus, Poeme Symphonique
  • Bohdana Frolyak. Piano Concerto
  • Jean Sibelius. Symphony № 7

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